Course leader profile

Our course leaders bring a unique wealth of insights and practical knowledge from within the financial industry and wider business community, including corporate governance, sustainability, and investments.

Valborg Lie

Valborg Lie has worked on sustainable investment issues over the last decade. Through Borg Consulting Valborg advises asset owners on RI policy development and implementation and facilitates dialogue on RI practices and ESG integration along the investment chain. From 2005 to 2013 she worked for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds globally. While with the GPFG she was responsible for overseeing and developing the ethical guidelines for the fund and coordinating all responsible investment activities at principal level. She played key roles in two public reviews of the fund’s responsible investment practice. These reviews included high-level stakeholder engagement as well as dialogue and collaboration with peer institutional asset owners. Through a secondment in 2010 with Hermes Equity Ownership Services, Valborg gained detailed insight into company engagement processes. She has an understanding of the possibilities inherent in targeted shareholder activity and the importance of recognising whether and how companies are able to conduct their core business in a sustainable manner.


Being a lawyer, Valborg has throughout her career taken on roles that carry a core responsibility of legal oversight. She has held these roles alone or in a small team with the need to engage with other disciplines continuously. As a result, she has developed extensive experience in seeing the connections between issues and an ability to take a holistic view.


Valborg has a particular understanding of and interest in the various recent soft law initiatives defining good stewardship for institutional investors. Coupled with more stringent accounting and reporting initiatives for companies, these legal expectations and requirements will play an important role in shaping the sustainable investment agenda going forward.


Valborg has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and speaks five languages in addition to her native Norwegian.