With our energetic hands-on approach, we help companies accelerate their journey to responsible investment excellence. From specific projects to full-scale transformation, we're here to enable you to maximise your ESG capabilities:


  • Invest in your team's ability to understand ESG and innovate in this growing and dynamic space

  • Increase your firm's chances of retaining existing clients and winning new mandates by showing credible ESG integration capabilities

  • Be recognised as a firm with a strong culture of responsibility

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We believe that ESG is more than a compliance exercise. Done meaningfully, it can create lay the foundations for long-term success in serving the needs of your clients and other stakeholders, ultimately making your business more sustainable.


Here are some of the key strategic areas we can help you with:

RI Policy


We help you define what Responsible Investment means to your firm, and set out clear policies for the benefit of your internal and external stakeholders

Proxy Voting


We assist you in defining your proxy voting approach in various markets, and if required will work with your chosen proxy voting platform to implement it

PRI Commitment


We help you understand, plan for and fulfil your commitments to the Principles for Responsible Investment, through reporting, implementation or ongoing support

Engagement Strategy

Company engagement is a powerful tool when done well. We guide you through the skill of effective stewardship, selecting engagement targets and maintaining meaningful relationships with company management

ESG Integration


There is no one size fits all approach to ESG integration. We work with you to create a process that fits your firm's style and ensures it adds value to how you carry out your investment actvities

ESG Product Development

We can help you design new fund products or enhance existing ones. We have extensive experience in working with institutional and retail ESG funds, as well as investment consultants

ESG Data


We work alongside you to identify the best-fit ESG data and research for your specific needs. Our independence from any ESG research providers ensures you that will get totally impartial advice



We help you organise and coach your teams to deliver high quality responsible investment services in accordance with your clients' needs